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VPS Lakeshore Medical Centre is equipped with the finest capabilities and latest amenities in treatment. We aim to minimize the day to day hassles for the patients and their families in availing healthcare by providing not just the best in treatment but also excellent pre and post-treatment care. This care starts with the patient appointment and we ensure that it remains throughout the treatment and after treatment care that we extend.

Apart from the best outpatient facilities, VPS Lakeshore Medical Centre stands out with specialist treatment services. Day Care Procedures, Chemotherapy treatments, Dialysis procedures, etc., are supervised by the most competent minds in medicine and a team of accomplished medical practitioners. These facilities are maintained to provide care and comfort for the patient and to produce accurate and reliable results for the treatments.

The Medical Centre is located in the heart of the city and easily accessible by any transportation mode. Our waiting lounges and patient touch points are well maintained with modern comforts.


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