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About VPS Lakeshore

Improving The Quality Of Your Life Through Better Health.

When it comes to excellence in Healthcare, VPS Lakeshore is the torchbearer in Kerala. For two decades, VPS Lakeshore has been taking giant strides in superior service and path-breaking innovation in the sector. VPS Lakeshore Medical Centre, Kozhikode is an extended centre of VPS Lakeshore, Koch and a part of the global VPS Healthcare Group having its vast presence in 9 countries.

Offering the most comprehensive patient centered clinical care VPS LMC is one of the best multi specialty healthcare facilities in Kozhikode. With multi-specialty departments, VPS LMC is a safe care destination for out- patient consultation and day care procedures in chemotherapy, physiotherapy and radiology. With premium amenities and a team of expert physicians under its wings, VPS Lakeshore Medical Centre provides a unique dimension to healthcare in Kerala.

Be it daycare procedures, or outpatient consultation, the team of doctors, nursing staff and caregivers are focused on providing excellent primary and specialty care to the patients with the aid of exceptional medical facilities.

We ensure timely diagnosis and integrated care with the support of clinicians of high expertise and innovative amenities. We have the combined benefit of advanced medical technology along with top of the line experts in the field of healthcare. Besides, we ensure a soothing ambience conducive to promote health and well being.

Message From MD

Welcome to VPS Lakeshore Medical Centre – Kozhikode.

VPS Lakeshore Medical Centre is an extended Centre and multispecialty day care facility of VPS Lakeshore Hospital Kochi. Located in Calicut city, the Centre aims to provide a unique dimension to healthcare in northern Kerala. Trusted and successful methodologies in health care are employed along with personalized premium care for patients, to obtain best results.

The strengths of VPS Lakeshore are derived from our most valuable assets-our team, our technology and our unrelenting focus on providing superior care to patients and their families. Besides, in the current healthcare scenario, ‘Right to Health’ need to be rephrased as the right to access ‘Good Healthcare’ or ‘Quality Healthcare’. But not everyone has accessibility to advanced healthcare as it relies upon a myriad of factors including proximity, affordability, and reliable services. Considering this, we have established our new highly promising signature project VPS Lakeshore Medical Centre here. We aim to provide high-quality clinical care at an affordable price.

We constantly improve by adapting recent innovations in healthcare industry and continue exercising best healthcare practices, maintaining a positive work environment for our employees and excelling in the level of extraordinary patient care.

The hallmark of our facility is the competent team of extremely skilled medical professionals. Each of our clinical departments is headed by top of the line experts in the industry. Along with multispecialty outpatient departments, the Centre also provides facilities for daycare procedures including chemotherapy, dialysis etc.

We believe our healthcare services, exceptional team of professionals and superb patient care will remain fundamental elements for our continued success. We are thrilled to be your healthcare provider of choice at Kozhikode.

S.K. Abdulla - Managing Director

Our Vision

VPS Lakeshore Medical Centre aims at providing international standards of healthcare to its clientele.

  • We aspire to become an apex medical destination in the Country.
  • We intend to satisfy the changing and evolving needs of our clientele into the future.
  • We plan to continuously improve the quality of services we provide.

Our Mission

VPS Lakeshore Medical Centre will deliver professional care of international standards to all its clientele.

  • We are committed to excellence in service and continuous improvement in quality.
  • We will function as a team within the framework of ethical parameters while being empathetic and innovative.
  • We will strive to provide apical care in identified specialties.

Quality Policy

VPS Lakeshore Medical Centre aims to achieve measurable excellence in delivery of healthcare to its clientele within identifiable ethical parameters. VPS Lakeshore will strictly adhere to the highest established international standards of quality in its professional functioning. Equal emphasis will be given to continuous monitoring and evaluation, continuous training of all staff and incessant efforts to upgrade the technology of healthcare delivery and level of expertise of professional staff.

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