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Surgical Oncology

Best Surgical Oncology Department In Kochi.
Surgical Oncology department at VPS Lakeshore Hospital maintains International standards in Cancer Surgery. Equal emphasis is given to cure and post-surgery quality of life by organ preservation and various types of reconstruction.

Specialized areas

  • Breast reconstructions both primary and delayed.
  • Microvascular surgery for head and neck cancer reconstructions and conservative approaches for craniofacial resections.
  • Limb salvage surgery with mega prosthesis for bone cancers, conservative lung surgeries and chest wall reconstructions.
  • Three-field lymphadenectomy and total esophagectomy for esophagus cancers.
  • Total peritonectomy for peritoneal malignancies.
  • Sphincter preservation and organ preservation in various Gastrointestinal cancers.

Our Expert Panel

Dr. Chithrathara. K
HOD - Gynaec & Surgical Oncology

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Dr. Shawn T Joseph
Senior Consultant - Surgical Oncology, Head & Neck and Director of Institute of Head & Neck Sciences (IHNS)

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